Help / FAQ

How often can I use a Tour?

As soon as you have downloaded and purchased a Tour you may use it as often as you like.

Can I also take pictures using a smartphone?

Yes, every Photo tip is even set up so that you can also take pictures with your smartphone.

Who creates the Tours?

We personally create every Tour. That means that we travel to a city, create a route, investigate the sights to see, take pictures and look around at what we personally would suggest. For you this results in a high-quality tour, since we personally test each one before releasing it to the public.

Do I have to create a profile?

No, but it is required in order to use the camera in the App. You can also use a profile to enjoy the fascinating Photostream and to display your own photos for other users.

What if I don’t use a smartphone to take pictures, can I still upload photos to my profile?

Yes, to do so just go, sign in with your user info and then upload your photos

Can I still take the Tour in bad weather?

Of course, but it’s more fun when the weather’s nice. ;)

A route described in the Tour is not accessible.

In that case we would like to apologise. Please let us know via e-mail. Unfortunately, we cannot know everything all the time, i.e. when a street is blocked or when construction work is underway.


Will I face additional costs?

No. You just have to pay for the Tour once, and then there are no additional costs or subscription fees. The Tours are on foot, meaning that you don’t have to use any bus or train tickets. The only exception are our personal suggestions; if you go for a drink somewhere, you’ll naturally have to pay for it yourself.

Are the Tours family-friendly?

Generally yes, although they are not always ideal for those with prams. That’s why we chose a new map service for the App that displays stairs, meaning that you can avoid them without further ado during the Tour.

How long does a Tour take?

A duration is given for each Tour. This duration is a guideline based on a leisurely walk through the city. The time it will take you really comes down to how quickly you walk, how long you spend at each highlight to take pictures and whether you stop at cafés to take a break.

What happens to my pictures when I upload them to PLIXPIC?

They are displayed with your username and the city’s hashtag so that our other users can see and like them. That’s all. We don’t acquire any usage rights and we don’t print postcards or posters that we then sell somewhere else.

I am visiting a city that I can’t find on PLIX Tour. When will there be a Tour for it?

That fact that we put together all of our Tours ourselves, meaning that we walk the route, take the pictures, investigate the sights and look for suitable suggestions, means that we can’t be everywhere. But please feel free to send us your request via e-mail and we will try and visit the city as soon as possible.